Premium Artificial Green Walls Eco-Friendly Faux Vertical Gardens

Enhance Your Interior with Artificial Living Walls

Our artificial living walls are the perfect solution for creating serene and natural environments indoors. Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial venues, these artificial plant walls offer unmatched beauty without the hassle of watering or pruning.

Explore Our Variety of Faux Green Walls for Any Space

Elevate any area, from a cozy office corner to expansive commercial settings, with our artificial green walls. Our synthetic plant walls are crafted to add a touch of nature without the upkeep required by real plants.

Elevate Your Exterior Design with Fake Plant Walls

Embrace the beauty and versatility of our faux plant walls for outdoor spaces. Designed to withstand the elements and look splendid year-round, our synthetic green walls are perfect for patios, balconies, and building facades.

Customizable Artificial Plant Walls to Suit Your Style

With a broad range of styles and customization options, our artificial plant walls can match any design vision. From lush tropical foliage to sleek modern minimalism, find the perfect artificial plant wall that aligns with your brand identity or personal taste.

Instant Artificial Green Walls, Discover Beautiful & Durable Artificial Green Wall Panels

Artificial green wall system plant panels create a beautiful green environment even in the most inhospitable planting locations.

Designed by a multi-award winning horticulturalist they have been created using individual plant designs which are unique and not available elsewhere. 

The artificial hedge panels are 500mm X 500mm and have been designed to ensure an even natural-looking coverage of plants over large or small areas. Installation is quick and easy.

Our green wall panels have been rigorously tested to ensure UV stability and fire resistance (fully supported by test certificates from certified UK laboratories).

Ideal Product Applications

  • Artificial Living Wall
  • Green Wall Designs
  • Artificial Vertical Garden
  • Commercial Applications
  • Rooftop Bars
  • Urban Gardens

Key Benefits of Your Artificial Vertical Garden:

  • Easy to install (perfect for DIY)
  • Highly durable and reusable in different areas (interior or exterior).
  • Provides an evergreen setting.
    Low maintenance – no watering, trimming or spraying required.
    Easy to cut to shape and manipulate to size.


What exactly are artificial green walls?

Artificial green walls are decorative vertical structures that replicate natural vertical gardens using faux plants.

How are artificial plant walls installed?

Our artificial plant walls come with easy-to-use mounting systems for quick and straightforward installation on a variety of surfaces.

Do synthetic green walls require any maintenance?

No, our synthetic green walls are designed to be maintenance-free, only requiring occasional dusting to stay clean.

Are faux plant walls eco-friendly?

Yes, by choosing recyclable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, our faux plant walls are an environmentally friendly option.

Can I customize my synthetic plant wall?

Absolutely, we offer customization services to ensure your synthetic plant wall fits your design and space needs perfectly.

How long do artificial green walls last?

Made with high-quality materials, our artificial green walls are built to last and maintain their appearance for years.

Are artificial plant walls suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, we have a range of products specifically designed to endure outdoor conditions without fading or deteriorating.

What style options are available for artificial living walls?

We offer a variety of styles, from realistic fern leaves to colorful flowers, so you can choose the look that best suits your space.

Enhance Your Interior with Artificial Living Walls

Enjoy The Absolute Best & Most Realistic Artificial Vertical Gardens

Designer Plants helps you instantly beautify YOUR space with stunning artificial green wall panels & faux boxwood screens. Our wide range of artificial vertical gardens are ideal to instantly enhance the beauty of any space! Install stunning artificial greenery panels to make your office or home more vibrant and welcoming. From expressing a unique nature-inspired artistic vision to having your private personal outdoor space, these artificial green walls give you value for money and create a space you’ll be sure to love.

Our artificial green wall panels for outdoors and indoors are made from the finest quality materials and maintain their appeal for years to come. Our green walls are UV stabilized and maintain their original look and feel for years to come. Whether you are looking for Artificial Trellis & Ivy, Vertical Gardens & Living Walls, Artificial Hedges or Freestanding Boxwood Hedges we have you covered.

If you are looking for designer plants online or artificial greenery wall panels, Designer Plants is your ultimate destination. Invest in life-like artificial plants and create a soul-soothing and peaceful personal place without any hassle of maintenance. Whether you need artificial pants in Miami, Florida, California or New York, we ensure fast and safe delivery to your doorstep.

About us

Established in 2015. With meticulous attention to detail, we design custom vertical gardens tailored to each client’s preferences, space constraints, and environmental conditions. 
 At Green Habitat, we specialize in designing and installing stunning vertical gardens that bring life and beauty to any environment. Our custom-designed gardens maximize space efficiency while adding a touch of green luxury to any space.

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