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Save water and time as your garden flourishes

Do you dream of relaxing in your thriving and blossoming outdoor oasis, but you seem to spend all your time watering your garden? Then Automatic Irrigation is the answer to realising your gardening dreams. Our automatic watering range cares for you and your garden. Whether you want to water flower pots on the terrace, vegetable beds in your greenhouse or lawn on your back garden. Our innovative, adaptable and water-efficient range works alongside you.

From small to large lawns or flower pots on your balcony to high raised vegetable beds in your garden. We offer ADAPTABLE & CLEVER solutions that conveniently adapt to all your watering needs. No matter if you live in an apartment in the city or in a house with garden in the countryside, our range covers all application needs in the different areas of the house: terrace and garden (incl. hedges, flower borders, vegetable beds, lawn). Water sensibly and efficiently all areas in your garden.
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Effortless Irrigation: Introducing Our Hassle-Free Automatic Watering System

Automatic Irrigation System

In an effort to simplify gardening and enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces, we are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary automatic watering system. With our state-of-the-art technology, installing an irrigation system has never been this effortless.

Automatic irrigation is the use of a device to operate irrigation structures, so the change of flow of water from bays can occur in the absence of the irrigator.

Automation can be used in a number of ways:

  • to start and stop irrigation through supply channel outlets
  • to start and stop pumps
  • to cut off the flow of water from one irrigation area —  either a bay or a section of channel, and direct the water to another area.

These changes occur automatically without any direct manual effort, but you may need to spend time preparing the system at the start of the irrigation and maintaining the components so it works properly.

Step 1: Consultation and Design Our expert team conducts a thorough consultation to understand your garden’s unique requirements. We tailor the design to ensure every corner receives the perfect amount of water, guaranteeing healthy plant growth.

Step 2: Professional Installation Our skilled technicians handle the installation process seamlessly. From laying pipes to setting up sprinklers, we ensure every component is installed with precision and care.

Step 3: Smart Automation The heart of our system lies in its smart automation. Once installed, our irrigation system operates autonomously. No need for manual intervention or adjusting timers—our system monitors weather conditions and soil moisture levels, ensuring your garden receives the right amount of water at the right time.

Step 4: Enjoy Effortless Gardening The primary benefit of our automatic watering system is the freedom it offers. Sit back, relax, and watch your garden flourish without lifting a finger. Our system takes care of all your watering needs, leaving you with more time to enjoy your garden’s beauty.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves Time: No need to spend hours manually watering your garden.
  • Conserves Water: Our system optimizes water usage, promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Promotes Healthy Growth: Plants receive consistent and adequate water, ensuring lush and vibrant landscapes.
  • Convenient and Hassle-Free: Enjoy gardening without the hassle of daily maintenance.

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Benefits of automatic irrigation

The benefits of automatic irrigation are:

  • reduced labour
  • timely irrigation — plants being watered when needed
  • management of higher flow rates
  • accurate cut-off of water compared to manual checking
  • reduced runoff of water and nutrients
  • reduced costs for vehicles used to check irrigation.

Disadvantages of automatic irrigation

The disadvantages of automatic irrigation are:

  • costs for purchasing, installing and maintaining the equipment
  • reliability of irrigation system (due to human error when setting up)
  • increased maintenance of channels and equipment to ensure it is working properly.

Before installing automatic irrigation

Farm plans factor in irrigation

Develop a whole farm plan for your property.

During the development of the farm plan, consider automatic irrigation in the planning process so you can incorporate some of the features required for automation from the start. This might involve design of the channels for channel automation if possible — or it might be the use of bay outlets and other channel structures that will suit automation at a later stage.

Installing the automatic irrigation

When it comes to installing the irrigation, there are a number of ways of getting started.

  1. Automate the areas chosen for irrigation at night time — so appropriate irrigation flow rates can be achieved.
  2. Automate those areas that are difficult to irrigate — areas of short steep bays that require the irrigator to be present more often or require frequent changes.

Things to be aware of

Automation is not only suited to areas of the farm that have been laser-graded. Non-lasered areas can also be automated. This can include automation of the channel structures to irrigate sections of the non-lasered areas.

Using the information from a whole farm plan—  channel structures that will be used when the development works are carried out —  can be purchased and used to automate these non-lasered areas. This can be done with the knowledge that the structures will be suitable for use after the development work is carried out.

Choosing the best automated irrigation

All systems of automation have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when deciding which system will suit the irrigation layout for a particular property. There is no system that will be the best system for all properties.

If a system that can be moved around the property, and perhaps used on other properties, is required, then you need to consider systems that are portable.

If you want a system where the components are fixed and can follow the same irrigation sequence, each irrigation — a fixed system would be more appropriate.

In determining the best system for a property, you will need to consider:

  • the cost of the system
  • back up servicing of the system
  • which system will best suit your property and irrigation layout?

Water Controls & Irrigation Control for more convenience when watering your garden

Types of automatic irrigation systems

Pneumatic system

A pneumatic system is a permanent system activated by a bay sensor located at the cut-off point. When water enters the sensor, it pressurises the air, which is piped to a mechanism that activates the opening and closing of irrigation structures.

Portable timer system

A portable timer system is a temporary system which uses electronic clocks to activate the opening and closing of the irrigation structures. Because of its portable nature, 4 or 5 units are usually purchased to move around the whole property.

Timer or sensor hybrid

As the name suggests, this system is a hybrid of portable timer and sensor systems.

Like a portable timer, it uses an electronic device to activate the opening and closing irrigation structures.

This system has an additional feature of the irrigator being able to place a moveable sensor down the bay. When it comes in contact with water, it transmits radio signals to the timer devices at the outlets to open or close the structures. It then sends a radio message to a receiver to let the landowner know water has reached the cut-off points down the bay.

Automating an irrigation layout

Automation of channel sections

In this system, the channel structures are automated, allowing the channel level to be changed. The bay outlets do not have opening or closing structures. Moreover, each set of outlets is set at a specific level (such as a set of sills).

This method of automation requires a larger amount of fall to be available in the channel system to allow for a change in water level between different areas.
This change in water level is required to prevent water flowing onto bays previously irrigated, when another section is to be irrigated.


Automation of individual bay outlets

This method of automation involves control of the bay outlets to change the flow of water onto the areas being irrigated.
This system of automation is the most frequently used in areas where there is insufficient fall to automate channel sections.
The same type of automatic devices available can be set up to operate either automation of channel sections or automation of bay outlets. 

Balcony & Terrace

Potted plants need watering more frequently than beds or bushes. The reason: there’s less soil available to absorb and store the water. This makes daily watering compulsory. Precise watering with Green Habitat-System and its range of drip heads provides just the right care for your potted plants and planters to blossom.



The Micro-Drip-System provides continuous, regulated and efficient irrigation of your hedges and plant rows. Root watering with pinpoint accuracy using drip lines will keep roots moist with just the right amount of water. You can lay the drip irrigation line above or below ground; both options work.

Underground Water Network

Using a garden hose or watering can are the traditional ways to water your garden; but modern technology has transformed the world of garden irrigation. Even remote areas of your garden will receive just the right care for them to blossom to their fullest potential; without tugging or rolling up a hose or dragging water.


Lawns are real water guzzlers. Although grasses rank among the sun worshippers, they drink a lot too and can deteriorate quickly during hot and dry summer months. Our Sprinklersystem is the ideal lawn irrigation solution to achieve a green and lush lawn at all times. This convenient and water-efficient underground installation with Pop-up Sprinklers is suitable for small to large gardens.


Water solutions

Established in 2015. With meticulous attention to detail, we design custom vertical gardens tailored to each client’s preferences, space constraints, and environmental conditions. 
 At Green Habitat, we specialize in designing and installing stunning vertical gardens that bring life and beauty to any environment. Our custom-designed gardens maximize space efficiency while adding a touch of green luxury to any space.

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